As a specialty crating, packaging and shipping company, Craters & 竞博电竞官方网址每天帮助企业和个人在全国和世界各地运送重要资产. In some cases, those shipments are time-sensitive. However, 没有什么比在自然灾害之后需要资源时的紧迫感更重要了.

For example, Craters & 许多地点的货轮在自然灾害期间帮助运送了货物,在COVID-19大流行期间帮助运送了呼吸机. Whatever resources are needed in an emergency situation, 他们必须按时到达目的地并在装船时保持完好, 被赋予这种责任的公司必须能够迅速完成工作, efficiently and effectively.

发货人努力为价值数百万美元的无人机打造一个定制的货箱,然后在货箱内封锁和支撑设备,使其无法动弹,这不会造成发货延迟. The shipping experts that authorities—local, 地区或联邦政府在这种情况下必须有包装工程师的工作人员,他们可以评估物品及其在运输过程中面临的条件,并设计包装和装箱策略,以充分保护它.

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What Is FEMA?

当人们听到灾难发生时,首先想到的是FEMA这个缩略词. FEMA is short for Federal Emergency Management Agency, an agency within the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. 长期以来,联邦应急管理局一直是龙卷风发生时第一批到场的机构之一, hurricane or other natural or manmade disaster occurs.

1979年,美国总统吉米·卡特(Jimmy Carter)通过一项行政命令正式创建了该机构. However, its roots go back to the early 1800s. As FEMA notes on its website, 1803年,国会通过了一项法案,第一次提出需要一个专门负责应急管理的机构.

“The first legislative act of federal disaster relief in U.S. 1802年12月,新罕布什尔州朴茨茅斯发生了一场毁灭性的火灾. 城市海港的大片地区遭到破坏,威胁到了这个新建立国家的商业. In 1803, the U.S. 国会为受到影响的朴茨茅斯商人提供了救济,将债券支付暂停了几个月.”

In modern times, 联邦应急管理局的作用由于包括911袭击在内的几起重大紧急事件而不断演变, Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy. Most recently, 由于“历史性的大西洋飓风季节和极端野火灾害”,国会在2017年授权该机构扩大权限.” The changes were designed to “build a culture of preparedness, ready the nation for catastrophic disasters, and reduce FEMA’s complexity.”

看看联邦应急管理局应对的紧急情况的类型和范围, 很容易想象出经验丰富的专业板条箱技能的情况, packaging and shipping company can be a tremendous asset. That is particularly true of a company like Craters & Freighters that has more than 65 brick-and-mortar locations around the U.S. and a worldwide network of trusted business partners.

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FEMA应对的大规模灾难并不是唯一急需设备和物资的灾难. 当地的灾害应对机构也面临着同样的物流挑战——在这些挑战中,行业领先的专业装箱和竞博电竞官方公司的专业知识至关重要.

Floods, fires, earthquakes and other incidents can leave city, 县或州的官员们争抢应对紧急情况所需的资源. Fortunately, 虽然没有办法知道还没有发生的灾难需要什么设备或材料, 政府机构和其他参与应急和恢复工作的机构可以与crater这样的公司建立关系 & Freighters to position themselves to react quickly.

Services FEMA and Other Agencies Can Capitalize On

一个有帮助的步骤,应急管理组织可以采取准备,以满足他们的运输需求是与陨石坑谈话 & Freighters about available services. For example, we can design and build wood crates, skids and pallets to transport items of any size, shape or weight. A quick look at our photo gallery demonstrates this fact. From aircraft to massive industrial equipment, 对于竞博电竞官方在美国各地的技术和经验丰富的团队成员来说,没有什么工作是太大或太复杂的.S.

But we handle more than large and bulky items. Craters & Freighters has extensive experience in the safe transporting of sensitive electronics. 如果设备必须在到达后进行维修,那么迅速将设备送到灾难现场是没有帮助的. From shock and tip sensors, to anti-static bubble wrap, 用于海洋运输或在高湿度气候下旅行的防潮袋, we know how to protect electronics properly.

Our teams are also adept at packaging, crating and handling medical devices like lab equipment, diagnostic equipment, surgical equipment, etc. 在灾害管理方面,武装部队将提供支持, we have extensive knowledge of and experience with military equipment shipping and MIL-SPEC requirements. We also have served the aerospace industry for many years and can move items like aircraft safely and efficiently.

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In addition, 如果灾难响应活动需要危险材料,或者必须从灾难现场运输, Craters & Freighters has extensive expertise in hazmat shipping. 这包括包装和板条箱的材料,也处理所有的标签和文件要求.

对于任何运输业务——紧急的或不紧急的——至关重要的是提供服务的能力 expert logistical support. 这种专业技能只能来自于30多年来在全球各地转移各种资产的经验, as Craters & Freighters has.


在应对危机的情况下,最好的方法是“抱最好的希望”. Prepare for the worst.他说:“准备工作的一部分是将设备和材料高效率地运进和运出灾区.

The decades of experience that Craters & 竞博电竞官方网址能够将资产快速安全地运送到世界各地的任何地方,对于负责保护人民和财产并帮助平息无论何时何地发生的混乱局势的机构和个人来说,这是一笔宝贵的财富.