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Revolution and Counter-Revolution

Letters of support

As mentioned in the Preface, the publication of Revolution and Counter-Revolution had an immediate and profound impact. Ecclesiastical personages like those already quoted, as well as theologians, professors, and conservative leaders from around the world, acclaimed the author´s analysis of and solution to the contemporary crisis. More than thirty years after its first edition, the essay´s repercussion continues to grow, especially among youth. These letters regarding Revolution and Counter-Revolution are herein transcribed exempli gratia. -- Ed.

Lima, July 24, 1961

Distinguished Professor,

The reading of your book Revolution and Counter-Revolution made a magnificent impression on me because of the courage and mastery with which you analyze the process of the Revolution and shed abundant light on the true causes of the crumbling of moral values disorienting consciences today. and also because of the vigor with which you indicate the tactic and the methods to overcome it.

I especially appreciated the second part of your book, highlighting the efficacy of Catholic doctrine and the spiritual remedies the Church possesses to combat and vanquish the forces and errors of the Revolution.

I am certain that your book has rendered an important service to the Catholic cause and that it will help gather the forces of good in order to soon solve this great contemporary problem. This is, in my opinion, the way repeatedly indicated by the present Vicar of Christ, who, with so much conviction and solicitude, has insisted on a profound renewal of Christian and sacramental life as a sure remedy for the evils afflicting the world, evils that government leaders vainly seek to solve through the precarious efficacy of weapons. technology, and purely human progress. I wish, most dear Professor, a widespread diffusion of and a well-merited response to your book from Catholic leaders wishing to join the ranks of the counter-revolutionary movement.

Please accept the testimony of my sincere admiration for your work and the expression of my deepest esteem.

Romolo Carboni
Titular Archbishop of Sidon
Apostolic Nuncio


Archbishop Romolo Carboni was born in Fano, Italy, in 19l1. Ordained in 1934, he was made a bishop in 1953. He was raised to the archepiscopate and appointed Apostolic Nuncio to Peru in 1959. He served as Nuncio to Italy from 1969 to 1936 and now lives in retirement in Fano.


July 17, 1984

Dear Friend,

Yesterday, at a stretch, I read the 1973 Spanish edition of your magnificent book Revolution and Counter-Revolution, which you had kindly sent me.

I had already read other works of yours and I have been aware of your colossal defense of Christian civilization for quite a while.
I understand perfectly the third part of this edition ("Twenty Years After"), on the concern regarding the infiltration of the Church in the post?Conciliar times. Since your faith is deeply rooted in the indefectability of THE CHURCH, this phenomenon will be a further stimulus to labor with hope...

A small book of mine will be ready next month. I will send you a copy as soon as it is available.

With an embrace,

Victorino Rodriguez. O.P.


Fr. Victorino Rodriguez y Rodriguez. O.P., is one of the most distinguished intellectual figures of Spain today. Born in Carriles, Asturias, on February 14, 1926, he joined the Order of Saint Dominic when he was 19. Ordained a priest in 1952, he traveled to Rome to complete his studies and obtain a doctorate.

An eminent theologian and presently prior of the Convent of Santo Domingo el Real in Madrid, he was professor of the School of Theology of San Esteban in Salamanca and held a chair at the Pontifical University of the same city. He is professor of Madrid´s Superior Council of Scientific Investigations and member of both the Royal Academy of Doctors of the same city and the Pontifical Roman Theological Academy. More than 250 of his books and articles have been published, many by the renowned publishing house Biblioteca de Autores Cristianos of Madrid.


Rome, February 10, 1993

Distinguished Professor,

It was with extreme interest, pleasure, and personal benefit that I read the Spanish copy of Prof. Plinio Correa de Oliveira´s work dedicated to me with expressions of great affection and esteem, for which I am grateful.

Revolution and Counter-Revolutionis a masterly work whose teachings should be disseminated far and wide so as to penetrate the conscience, not only of all those who consider themselves truly Catholic, but I would say even more, of all other men of good will. In it, the latter would learn that salvation can be found only in Jesus Christ and His Church; the former would feel confirmed and fortified in their Faith and psychologically and spiritually forewarned and immunized against the cunning process that employs many of them as useful idiots or fellow travelers.

Its analysis of the revolutionary process is impressive and revealing on account of its realism and profound understanding of history, from the end of the Middle Ages in decadence, which paved the way for the paganizing Renaissance and the pseudo?Reformation, thence for the terrible French Revolution, and. soon after, atheistic Communism.

That historical analysis is not only external. The actions and reactions it deals with are also explained in light of the human psychology, both the individual psychology and the collective psychology of the masses. However, it is necessary to recognize that someone directs this profound and systematic de?Christianization. Man undoubtedly tends toward evil - pride and sensuality - but were not someone holding the reins of these disorderly tendencies and sagaciously coordinating them, they most probably would not have produced such a constant, skillful, and systematic action, which, tenaciously maintained, profits even from the ups and downs caused by the resistance and natural "reaction" of the opposing forces.

Revolution and Counter-Revolutionalso foresees, although using caution in its prognoses and by means of hypotheses, the next possible evolution of the revolutionary action and, in turn, that of the Counter-Revolution.

The book abounds in perspicacious sociological, political, psychological, and evolutive insights and observations, not few of which are worthy of an anthology. Many of them outline the intelligent "tactics" that favor the Revolution and those that may and should be used in a general counter-revolutionary "strategy."

In sum, I would dare to affirm that this is a prophetic work in the best sense of the word. It should be taught in the Church´s centers of higher education so that at least the elite classes become fully aware of a crushing reality about which, I believe, they do not have a clear notion. This, among other things, would contribute to revealing and unmasking the useful idiots or fellow travelers, among whom are found many ecclesiastical figures, who act in a suicidal manner by playing the enemy´s game; this group of idiots, allies of the Revolution, would in good measure disappear....

The second part of the book well explains the Counter?Revolution´s nature and the courageous and "aggressive" tactics that counter?revolutionaries must implement while always avoiding excesses and improper and imprudent attitudes.

Before such realities, one doubts there is a true "strategy" in the Church as there is in the Revolution. One does find many "tactical" elements, actions, and institutions, but they seem to act in isolation, without a notion of the whole. The concept of a Counter-Revolution and the realization that a Counter-Revolution is acting could unify and provide a greater sense of collaboration within the Church.

I must congratulate the TFP movement for the stature and quality of its founder, Prof. Plinio. I foresee and desire with all my soul a vast development and a future full of counter?revolutionary successes for the TFP.

I conclude stating that the spirit with which this work is written greatly impresses me: It is a profoundly Christian spirit, one with a passionate love for the Church. This book is an authentic product of Christian wisdom. It is moving to find in a layman such a sincere devotion to the Mother of Jesus and ours - a clear sign of predestination. "Uncertain, like everyone, about tomorrow, we prayerfully raise our eyes to the lofty throne of Mary, Queen of the Universe.... We beseech the Virgin, therefore, to accept this filial homage, a tribute of love and an expression of absolute confidence in her triumph" (pp. 165, 167).

Rome, September 8, 1993
Feast of the Nativity of Our Lady
Fr. Anastasio Gutierrez

Fr. Anastasio Gutierrrez, C.M.F., is one of the Catholic Church´s most renowned canonists.

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1911, Father Gutierrez is a Spanish citizen who has lived in Rome for the last fifty years.
In Rome, he received his doctorate in Canon Law from the Pontifical Lateran University Later, he held a chair at that university´s School of Canon Law, eventually becoming its dean. Father Gutierrez served as a peritus during the Second Vatican Council, and for many years was Cardinal Larraona´s assistant in the Congregation for the Religious. He also is a founder of the Institutum Iuridicum Claretianum of Rome.
He participated in the commission charged to write the new Code of Canon Law, and is presently a consultant to the following Vatican dicasteries: Congregation for the Oriental Churches, Congregation for the Clergy, and Congregation for the Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life. He is also a consultant to the Pontifical Council for the Interpretation of Legislative Texts, the highest Church organ for canonical questions.

More recently, Father Gutierrez became postulator of Queen Isabella of Castile´s cause of canonization


Introducing Historical Insight on the Contemporary Crisis

Revolution and Counter-Revolution
by Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira

Originally published as Revolução e Contra-Revolução, in Catolicismo, April 1959 (Parts I and II) and January 1977 (Part III)

First Digital Edition
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